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Guest Blog: Beauty Expert Julie Coates

Julie Coates runs The Lanes health and beauty salon in Brighton, pampering locals and celebs. Her advice is highly sought-after and often appears in the national press and mags. So we are super lucky to have her on on

Here, Julie answers your questions about your big day..oh and move over Amy Childs, she's one of the country's leading authority on case you were wondering. Over to you Julie.

Julie Coates of The Lanes Health and Beauty

1. I don't have great nails but don't want to have false ones on the day - I want to look as natural as possible. But how can I have a French manicure or clear or light colour with such awful nails that break and are weak? Help! Carrie, Bradford

Why don’t you try a gel manicure? This would both encourage growth and help to strengthen your nails. I would suggest you have one a month before you wedding to kick-start the growth slightly. 

Then, when you come to have your wedding gel manicure, there is a bit of length to achieve a French finish. Although, I would also recommend a light pink/natural shade for a pretty, groomed bridal look. Lastly, apply oil over the top of your gel manicure every day to keep the nails hydrated.
Posh goes French

2. This is a bit embarrassing but I've got a few stray hairs on my upper lip. As I get older they get darker and more numerous! I don't want to wax in case I get a reaction - that happened to a friend who went red and blotchy. Laser treatment is a bit expensive and my wedding is only in a month. I've tried tweezing but I don't seem to get them all. Help! (Anonymous, London)

Luxury at The Lanes

Ideally I would usually recommend waxing. I always advise clients to undergo a patch test beforehand to make sure their skin is not going to react adversely to the treatment.

But if your skin is really sensitive perhaps you could try threading. This would still have the desired effect, though it may take a little longer.

Don't try this at home - wax or thread instead

3. I hear you do hen do's. Do tell me more! How much is a package? There are ten of us and it sounds perfect. (Mandy, Hove)

Our Hen package is priced at £30 per person. You can choose 1 from the following treatments:
* Hot stone back, neck and shoulder massage.
* Hot stone aromatherapy facial.
* Manicure.
* Pedicure.

All the treatments last for a relaxing 30 minutes and the price includes a glass of non-alcoholic blush.
Hen pampering..because you're worth it

4. I want my feet to look nice for my honeymoon. What can I do to make them look pretty? (Jasmine, Glasgow)

Have a gel Pedicure. This would last you three to four weeks without chipping or marking. It will remain shiny, even in the sun and sea and does not fade. You can choose from an amazing range of colours, or keep it simple and stylish and just go for a French.

Remember your tootsies

5. I want my skin to glow. Should I have facials? I have normal skin but it's a bit dull especially in the Winter. My Wedding is at the start of May. (Claire, Newcastle)

You should definitely have a Micro-dermabrasion facial with oxygen. The mda removes dead skin cells and cleans out the pores, leaving skin fresh and rejuvenated.

Becoming the dewy bride takes work!

The oxygen then pumps hydration into the skin, leaving it completely glowing and refreshed. I would recommend you book this in for a few days before your big day. 

More Top Tips:

  • Have an eyebrow shape and tint – Eyebrows frame the eyes and with the right shape and colour they can make your eyes look brighter.

  • Use a nail top coat to refresh the shine of your polish whilst on honeymoon – the sun and sand can dull the finish

  • If you like a scent but you don’t like wearing perfume try the body lotion for a lighter fragrance and hydrated silky skin

  • Spritz your skin with a skin tonic to keep refreshed in the heat and your set make up in place

  • Before you polish your nails always squeak the nail plate with nail varnish remover, this removes excess oils which can affect the durability of your polish.

  • For strong nails file once a week in one direction, keeping the nails short and square with corners slightly rounded.  Massage cuticles with oil to stimulate growth and hydrate.

  • Your first aid wedding kit should include Lavender Oil – not only will this relax you but it’s also antibacterial and has amazing healing properties, witch-hazel to dry out any spots, a good antibacterial concealer, a nail file and Nail glue for breakages.


Design time

Add a lovely touch of sparkle and glamour to the area you are applying the gems to.

Not only can they be playful but they can be tasteful as well, with some of these designs taking the place of the traditional garter for the bride on her wedding day.  

As its Oscar month I have launched my own Vajazzle in salon called Starlet priced at £11.95

The Starlet

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