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Guest Blog: Skin Wonder Woman, Marie Reynolds

Marie Reynolds is fast becoming the go-to beauty expert for celebrities and editors. She has written three books drawing on her twenty years as a beauty and holistic therapist and frankly, if you've ever tried her Fifth Concept treatment at London's Four Salon, you'll think she's semi-Goddess.

Beauty guru Marie Reynolds
In fact, I had the Marie Treatment the day after returning from my hen in Dublin. Needless to say, she had her work cut out for her...and I was blown away by the results.

So who better to tell us how to look dewy on the big day - or any day, getting married or not, for that matter - than the woman herself? Welcome to Marie Reynolds to answer your questions.

Q. I've left it late with only a few weeks to go. Are there any last-minute tricks and treats I can use to make my skin look healthy and glowing on my big day? Natalie, 32, Windsor.

A. Exfoliation is key! However, you must make sure you don’t overdo it.

Mechanical exfoliants (scrubs) can be too harsh, especially if they contain kernels, they can cause sensitivity, broken capillaries or even ... SPOTS!

Look for an exfoliant with bamboo beads in or even better a cream exfoliant with AHA (alpha hydroxy acids).

This will dissolve the superficial dead skin cells and allow the skin to glow and look healthier. 

Cheaper than La Prarie..a cucumber fix

Another little trick is to use cucumber… not for the eyes but rubbing onto the skin.

 Cucumber contains phytochemicals. This encourages collagen to tighten and firm your skin. 

Also look for moisturisers with ingredients which reflect light and give a dewy glow for your big day!

For a Laura radiance

Q.  I look a bit tired with slight dark circles under my eyes. Is there anything I can do to look more rested on the day? I use By Terry concealer for under the eyes which is really good but always feel my eyes just look a bit puffy and sleepy. I do smoke a little and drink a lot at weekends - I think that doesn't help. My wedding is in two months. Carmine, 35, Glasgow.

Here, Angelina, it's time you starting taking Marie's advice.

A. This question always makes me smile because EVERYONE looks for topical applications for the puffy or dark offending conditions of the eyes.

It is quite simple when you understand why this is happening. Part of the reason is in your question - drinking and smoking, so yes cutting down on that is a start.

The area under the eyes links directly with the kidney meridian so this is where we have to negotiate.

Drinking Spring Water is great but also  increase foods which are high in water. The body eliminates fluid a lot faster than foods.

Water relief

The body will absorb more water through digestion and your colon will be thankful also.

Eating foods that strengthen the kidney meridian will reflect in skin, especially under the eyes. 

Oh sugar..

So look at going organic where you can, cut down on sugar - that includes your pastas, cakes, biscuits, breads … and alcohol. Remember alcohol and carbs convert to sugar. Increase in fresh steamed veg and eat plenty of fish.

It is ideal to use an Eye Gel rather than a Cream. The gel can be placed in the fridge before application.
Jade Roller

You could also invest in Jade Rollers for your home care routine. Jade is excellent to reduce inflammation especially where excess lymph (puffy eyes) is collected.

The Jade Rollers calm the skin and are exceptionally cooling. I use my mine every night and incorporate in my facial routines. 

Q.  I'd love to draw out impurities - blocked pores in my nose and a couple of under-the-skin spots on my forehead for my wedding in six weeks. Should I book in for a facial? If so, what should I ask for? Helen, 27, Nottingham.

A. I would highly recommend a professional treatment, especially with your big day looming.

Your therapist should advise you on appropriate skin care and also give you the correct treatment by preparing the skin before any extractions.

Step away from the spot

The last thing you should do is squeeze them yourself as you will risk re-infecting another follicle, bruising or permanently marking your skin.

A professional Beauty Therapist should be able to advise you on the correct treatment from a thorough consultation.

Q. What's the benefit of a professional facial compared to buying a treatment and doing it at home? What facials would you recommend? Candy, 29, Aberdeen.

Go on..treat yourself

There is nothing wrong with pampering the skin at home but it is worth investing in a professional treatment, especially for your wedding day.

The benefits are first and foremost getting the correct advise on skin conditions you may not even be aware you have and which can be easily remedied by educating the client.

For example, topical skin care or make-up ingredients that are clogging can cause blackheads and dehydration.

Many think pigmentation is a result of too much sun exposure but again hormonal influences or photosensitive ingredients may be the cause.

I tend to look at the client as a whole. I analyze as soon as I lay eyes on my client and observe how they sit, talk and lie on the treatment couch.

I then look at the ears, toes and face and gather information that will tell me what I need to know enabling me to advise on diet, lifestyle and skin care.

24 gold carat leaf

I also use pulverized crystals and 24 Carat Gold Leaf that illuminate, rejuvenate and hydrate the skin.

When you have a consultation with a therapist you will only tell her what you want her to know but I can see beyond that. 

The human body is a walking, talking book, every line, every mark tells a story. We are what we are by what we eat, experience and inherit.

This marks the body in all sorts of manifestations including skin conditions - you just have to know how to read the human novel.

I am a Guest Therapist at FOUR LONDON ( every Monday where I carry out the FIFTH CONCEPT TREATMENT which I have created myself

Celeb fans include presenter Kirsty Gallacher

Click here for details of the Fifth Concept Treatment and for celebrity comments including presenters Helen Fospero, Caroline Flack and Kirsty Gallacher, as well as actresses Tamzin Outhwaite and Clair Sweeney, click here.

Q. I've never had botox before but have a good few lines. Is it a good idea before my wedding in seven months? Or is there something magical and natural I could try? Annie, 38, Greenwich

Botox bonanza: Kylie? Is that you?

Botox and fillers are a personal choice. I truly believe if you do things that make you feel better then go for it!

You must do your research and go to a reputable practitioner – check out the ‘Treatments You Can Trust’ register 

Remember you are restricted from certain facial treatments if you do have fillers and botox and you have to be aware of certain ingredients that may stimulate cell activity and cause reactions.

Facial massage is natural and can increase blood flow

I am a huge fan of Chinese Cosmetic Facial Cupping. 

This is a technique that increases blood flow and muscle tone, it will stimulate collagen and elastin in the skin and plump fine lines and wrinkles. 

Q. What products do you like to use? I've heard Dermologica is good. I have pretty normal skin with some congestion. I want to look five years younger!! Caroline, 34, Cardiff.

Natural ingredients..Dermologica

Dermalogica is a good product to use, as they are free from artificial colours, fragrances, they are non comodegenic (not blackhead forming).

It is important to look at ingredients that will not cause dehydration, pigmentation or topical acne.

It is so easy to be drawn into the misconception that a highly priced product is luxurious or effective.

Expensive ingredients are not always the best

You may find that certain products claim they have a wonder ingredient ranging from caviar to gold to crushed pearls that do wonders to the skin, which to be fair do benefit ( I use pure gold in my treatments - it is a super anti oxidant, extremely hydrating and illuminating)..

BUT! When you look at the ingredients you will more than likely find the ‘wonder ingredient’ is minimal and the rest is full of artificial colours and fragrances, SD alcohols and many other nasties.

The best advise I have given to therapists and consumers is to invest in a book by Ruth Winter ‘A Consumers Guide to Cosmetic Ingredients’ or download an app ‘Cosmetic Ingredients’.

Warm up..with Winter's beauty bible

Simply search for an ingredient you are not aware of and you will see for yourself the effect this has on the skin.

Marie..THANK YOU for giving us a wealth of information on how to look our dewy best in a one-stop-shop of expertise.

For more info on the Fifth Concept Treatment and to book an appointment, Marie's website is

Follow Marie on Twitter: @marie_reynolds

Thank you international man of mystery and celebrity hairdresser Charley McEwen for introducing me to Marie.

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