Monday, 17 October 2011

Why I'm Keeping A Wedding Blog

It has come to my attention that I am not a normal bride.
Not if that means I am living, breathing and daydreaming about the big day; revelling in the finishing touches - that seems to come naturally to everyone else.
I've met the man of my dreams, love him and can't wait for a future with him.
Yet looking through bridal magazines and attending wedding fares has done nothing short of put me into a mild manic.
This is not in character - I love a party and am not averse to being the centre of attention.
But the relentless questions from those who have 'been there' are terrifying. "Will you take his name?" "What boutiques have you been to?" "How many guests?" "Menu?" "Bridesmaids?" "Where's the hen do?"
Perhaps it's the desire to be different. Or fear of being the same. Either way, the thought of being on this monstrous conveyor belt which churns out similar-looking women in white dresses is terrifying and I'm sure I can't be alone.
This blog is for me to keep a public diary and therefore force myself to get a move on.
Perhaps it will be a comfort to women who are similarly scared stiff of getting it right. And hopefully it will be a journey from this paralysis of indecision to our perfect day.
There are only six months left and by April 27, 2012 a fair bit to do - get a dress, create a wedding from scratch, make it original, lose a stone. You know, everything.
I will achieve these dizzying heights with your help. So please, keep tuned.


  1. Don't be shy. I'd love to know your thoughts X

  2. Oh FANTASTIC!!! I'm in almost exactly the same position. May 25th for me and just about EVERYTHING needs doing. All I've actually done (spending hours simply thinking doesn't count) is book the register office and the reception venue (village hall). It's the decision part that I can't stand, but really want to get right - it's exhausting though. I've tried to be excited by wedding dresses, but after one fitting they just all look the same and I simply can't justify the expense. Aaargh! Very excited about your blog though! So pleased I'm not the only one xx

  3. H, I had no idea you were getting married! You'll be a child bride. That made me laugh - indeed thinking for hours doesn't constitute 'organisation'. Let's do a coffee soon (will message you) and get a date. Thanks for following. X