Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Martel Maxwell's Stag Do For Girls

Stags are more fun than Hens. Fact.
Men go to Iceland or the Algarve, say things like "what goes on tour stays on tour" and wake up in jail.
The last Hen I was on, someone brought their baby.
In fairness it turned out to be a hoot, but that's not the point.
Men see a get-away with the boys as an extravagance, but one to which they are entitled. A rite of passage.

They decide to go, wherever it is, spend the same as their pals and worry about the bill afterwards.
If he's under the thumb, he will:
a) refer to her covertly as 'The War Office' or;
b)  keep a secret bank account, so as not to be nagged ad nauseam upon return.
Studies show women worry up to twice as much about money as men.
When it comes to Hens, this translates to fretting about cost from the off.
So sympathetic brides-to-be are more likely to opt for a spa day or weekend in the UK.
Each to their own, but I want a trip to remember.
And in part, hopefully not.
As you know, I'm way behind on planning. Anything.
So my friend Zoe kindly offered to take the reigns, ably assisted by my sister Holly and pal Sal.
"So Max (the first half of my surname) what do you want to do?"
"Go to Vegas."
I knew it was never going to happen. The cost, a couple have newborns, others can't get time off work.
But she did ask.
"Ok," I conceded, "but I don't want the highlight of the weekend to be a manicure and glass of champagne."

Hen do hell
Our first destination idea for 'Martel Maxwell's Stag Do For Girls' was Marrakesh.
The group emails (there will be ten to fifteen of us) were flying, excitement mounting at our Moroccan adventure with kaftans and couscous; fezzes and fine wines.
Until, that is, Venetia pointed out drunk women are arrested and put in prison.
While this is one way of making it Stag-like, it's not ideal.
Females entering a bar are considered prostitutes.
My initial response - that this is a good thing as it will increase the single girls' pulling power, was not shared by The Team.
We are now thinking Ireland and specifically Kinsale, where the Guinness is great and food delicious, the town known as the country's culinary capital.

Martel Maxwell's stag weekend for girls
The flights are reasonable and we should be able to hire a couple of cottages with ocean views.
I envisage a rustic bar with fiddles and giggles, seafood that melts in the mouth and clubs that throw us out when the lights come up.


  1. Do let me know your Hen solutions x

  2. I'm having a 4 dayer in glasgow where i eat, sleep and breathe champagne. If ye dinny spew yer bent! x

  3. Gots to keep it real.. ! What's Mr Maxwell doing for his stag? I put money on yours being far wilder.. x

  4. He's as indecisive as me but hunting, fishing and drinking high on his list.
    I'll try to prove you right on the wild front. I've no doubt you'll beat Mr Kellas X

  5. This tale is developing at am intriguing tempo.Liz Jones,this is how its done! Tenby in West Wales is a very good Hen/Stag venue.Great sea views,accomodation and booze x

  6. Instant Karma! Thank you. I'll take a look at Tenby X

  7. Very true about the girls playing it safe. I'm having a spa / chocolate making break. He's chartering a yacht.

    Tenby is lovely! Not far from us and it's always great to visit. Brill food, pubs, walks, people and views x

  8. Richard, butler in the buff. Barnaby, you too.